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I live in Wincanton, Somerset with my 2 children Isabelle and Harry and lovely a cat called Pogo (if you join online you'll probably meet her!)

I've been enjoying teaching Pilates for 8 years after training at the Scott Studio in Castle Cary, with the highly respected Suzanne Scott. My journey to Pilates began after a back injury, an operation and continued failed attempts to feel better. I had focussed 1-1 sessions at first and it totally transformed me, it helped me to rehabilitate from years of immobility. I felt truly thankful to have found this movement system, it changed my life.

The change in my body was profound, so I decided to train to become a teacher.

I have been enjoying helping others explore the many benefits of Pilates since, both in my group and 1-1 sessions. I love working with you all, everyone has a different need and personal goal in mind.

In 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic I discovered the Franklin Method® and fell in love. I decided to train as an Educator and qualified with Level 1 in 2021! I was addicted to this Method and it's results, so qualified as a Level 2 Educator in June 2022. Pilates gave me a wonderful exercise system to practice, but the Franklin Method® gave me a depth of feeling and experience in my body that I never knew was possible. The Franklin Method® uses imagery, touch and positive self talk, along with in-depth anatomical knowledge to move according to the design of your body i.e. your anatomy. When we move our body according to its design everything feels better.

"Embodying function improves function" Eric Franklin

Through the Franklin Method® I have found a deep love of movement and dancing, taking pleasure in simply being and moving. It's magical.

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