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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a full body and mind experience that focuses on strength, flexibility and balance. It is the perfect movement system for all abilities and ages and can help those recovering from injuries, those wanting to be more flexible and those looking to achieve greater awareness of both mind and body. I have a class suitable for everyone. 

A Franklin Method® Level 2 Educator, as well as a Pilates Instructor,  I merge these two methods in all of my classes to give you the tools to discover your body, your mind and your movement.

By feeling how you can move in harmony with your body and how it's designed, you'll journey with me towards joyful and happy movement.

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 “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”

Joseph Pilates

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Your questions answered...

What can Pilates do for me?

Pilates can help with:

Preventing back pain and alleviating existing pain

Reducing stiffness and improving mobility

Eliminating stress and tension, both in the mind and body

Building dynamic alignment and strength

Developing core stability

Improving balance and coordination

Rehabilitating from an injury or surgery

What can I expect from a class?

I keep my class numbers small - this ensures that I can give you the attention you deserve. We usually start our one hour sessions in standing and follow with exercises on the mat, often using balls and exercise bands. We will journey into many different movements with our legs, spine, hips, shoulders....I could go on. I often have a class focus each week, which enables you to dive deep into a certain area of your body. 

Our bodies thrive on movement - your body will be given the chance to flourish during and after our sessions.

What do I need to bring?

Wear comfy clothing to class, you want to be able to move with ease. A bottle of water is a good idea too, especially on hot days.

I understand that purchasing equipment will feel like a big investment before trying out my classes, so I am very happy for you to borrow my spares for a few sessions to see whether you enjoy my classes and to notice better feelings in your body. Once you're happy, you will need a mat, a soft ball, a pair of Franklin Balls and a Franklin resistance band. I can provide you with a kit list or order the items for you if you prefer.

I'm worried that I can't lie in a certain position - does this matter?

Not at all. I modify and share alternatives throughout my classes. You'll find I am very attentive to your needs and happily work with you to find what works well for your body.

Some clients use a chair to help with getting on the floor and standing. These clients usually find it's not long before they can stand unaided - a fantastic achievement and something I love to be part of as your teacher.

Where do you teach? What times? Do you have a class for me?

Check out my Timetable page for all class info...

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