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Franklin Method® Workshops specialising on your Spine, Pelvis, Knees and Shoulders

My Workshops give you the opportunity to understand your body better. You'll discover tools that will enable you to feel easier within your body. A pain free body and enjoyable movement can lead to freedom and joy in your whole wellbeing.

During a workshop we will practice certain movements and "exercises" whilst seeing if we can feel, see, sense or embody them in some way. This coupled with rich imagery and positive self-talk can lead to "lightbulb" moments with your movement experience.

"I have really enjoyed Kate's workshops.  They are fun and informative and have given me lots of ideas to take home and use in my daily life.  My shoulders and knees have really benefitted from the varied exercises Kate used, the functional movements and exercises feel great"

Tracey, Shaftesbury, attended Knee and Shoulder workshops

Upcoming workshops


Complement your Studio or Clinic with a Franklin Method workshop that would really enhance your offering for clients. A Level 1 Educator, I can offer the following:

Dynamic Imagery for Flexibility, Strength & Coordination

Pelvic Power for Core Integration

Relax Your Neck & Liberate your


Imagery Exercises for a Strong, Flexible & Healthy Spine

Imagery for Strong and Healthy Knees

Workshops are tailored and suitable for non-professionals, Movement Instructors, Osteopath, Physiotherapists, to name a few.