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The Franklin Method®

"Change your body by changing your mind"

Eric Franklin

The Franklin Method: Classes

What is the Franklin Method®?

Put simply the Franklin Method® helps you to understand your body's design better. When you better understand your anatomy, you can learn to move with efficiency, ease and joy.

Using imagery, positive self-talk and self touch; to heighten your body awareness (proprioception), you can start to move your body the way it's designed to move. Attaching certain images and feelings to movement can start the process of these movements feeling better.

"The closer your body image relates to your actual design, the better your function"

Eric Franklin

You may have suffered back pain, for example, for many years. Are you repeating the same patterns and not improving? With my encouragement you can journey into your body and discover how movements should feel when performed according to your design. 

The Franklin Method® is weaved into all of my classes and 1-1 sessions. My clients love it and report feeling so much better during class and beyond. 

"I never cease to be amazed at the visual and physical change I can see in my body when we use the Franklin Method® techniques. I always feel better after class and really notice it in my body if I have to miss one"

Gemma, Yeovil Ninesprings class

The Franklin Method: About

I teach Franklin Method® Workshops throughout the South West

The Franklin Method: About
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